Project Programming Language

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The PLP language is set to release a new version in Beta The history of the PLP programming language dates back to 2019, which was written in July and released in Beta. The PLP language is currently in beta, and the PLP team intends to expand this programming language into a powerful language. According to…
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New Feature

Users in the Mac OS can have the ability to install automaticallyAll you have to do is go to Unix > CompilerPLP < Compile.cpp with the terminal and run the PLP Compiler program with ./a.out with the clang++ tool and type the word install. clang++ Compile.cpp ./a.out #install Link Download PLPv1b

What is PLP language?

What is a PLP language and what is its purpose for? The PLP programming language, based on the Project programming language, supposed to be a C programming language that would support all C programming languages. PLP language aims to develop the language with people and all web developers, graphics, animation,games, phones, Windows, Linux, even the…
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History of programming language

Assembly (1940s) is a low-level programming language (hardware-related) that was more commonly used for computers at that time, High-level languages IBM Machine Systems developed the first commercialized high-level programming language (human communication) called Fortran (1957). Fortran is a programming language built with assembly code. Later, Basic (1964) , Pascal (1970) , Which created one to…
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What is a Programming Language?

The programming language is code that is specific to a device or machine and is processed on hardware, the CPU is a unit of hardware that understands, processes the code, and instructs other computer components to do the job. In fact, the CPU uses binary code or (0 and 1) to figure out what to…
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