- arguments looping in PLP
   in i = 1
   loop (i < argc, ++i)

-  echo argument ./a.out echo
   cond strstr (argv[i], "echo") then

      in d = 2
      loop (d < argc, ++d)
          print (Str$ argv[d])
          print (" ")
      print (nline)
      return 0


-   gets stdin in argument
    cond indexof (argv[i], "gets", 0) then

         text i = get_text ("Please enter text:")
         print (Str$ i)
         return 0

-   arguments helping
    cond indexof (argv[i], "help", 0) then

         print ("Help:" nline)
         print ("- echo [argv[i]]------------>print text" nline)
         print ("- help---------------------->help for argumentive.plp" nline)
         print ("- gets---------------------->wait for user after enter" nline)



 cond argc >= 0 and argc <= 1 then

     print (cyan bold "Argumentive is cli argument" set nline "Please select option argument" nline)
     return 1


- If the arguments were not entered correctly by the user
 cond argc > 1 then

     print (yellow "this not work argument options" set nline "you can arg [help]" nline)
     return 1