|include "report.plp"

- getting signup for username and password && signin for username and password
|define cls clear ()

_ cls
 print ("Loading")
 loading (8, 0, 100000)

 print ("Sign up" nline)

 text userup = get_text ("Username: ")
 text passup = get_text ("Password: ")

 print ("Username is " Str$ userup)
 print (nline "Password is " Str$ passup)
 loader (bgcyan,"Please Wait..",30,5000)

 when true then
     print ("Sign in" nline)
     text userin = get_text ("Username: ")
     text passin = get_text ("Password: ")
     cond indexof (userup, userin, 0) and indexof (passup, passin, 0) then
       print (bold green "Successful" set nline)
       beep ()
       return 0
     ends other{
       print (bold red "failure" set)
       sleep (1)