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Projectly Programming Language

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What is PLP language?

What is a PLP language and what is its purpose for? The PLP programming language, based on the Projectly programming language, supposed to be a C programming language that would support all C programming languages. PLP language aims to develop the language with people and all web developers, graphics, animation,games, phones, Windows, Linux, even the…
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History of programming language

Assembly is a low-level programming language (hardware-related) that was more commonly used for computers at that time, High level languages IBM Machine Systems developed the first commercialized high-level programming language (human communication) called Fortran. Fortran is a programming language built with assembly code. Later, Pascal, Basic, Which created one to one in assembly language Dennis…
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What is a Programming Language?

The programming language is code that is specific to a device or machine and is processed on hardware, the CPU being a unit of hardware that understands , processes the code and instructs other computer components to do the job. In fact, the CPU uses binary code or (0 and 1) to figure out what…
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